Amy McGowan

Hi. I like to code things.


You had me at "Hello World!"

From the moment I got my first real taste of the creativity, satisfaction, and problem solving of coding, I knew I wanted to figure out how to make a career out of it.

I'm a dedicated wife and mama, and I am learning more every day in order to pave the way to be able to raise my goofy son while also engaging in a career I really enjoy. I love to create things that are beautiful and useful and want to use code to make a positive and lasting impact in this world.


HTML Newsletter

This newsletter is the result of a pair programming project to build an html email from a fictional company, in this case, a community food bank trying to recruit volunteers. My teammate, Andrea Martz and I used Trello to organize our ideas and tasks, and we communicated via Slack and video conferencing. We pair programmed through VS Code Live Share and collaborated on GitHub. I did the primary design work and layout for the project in Figma.

The newsletter project provided me my first experience in working remotely on a team. I learned ways to improve upon my communcation skills, as well as how to engage in a collaborative work flow.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Figma, Git, GitHub

Portfolio Website

After reviewing and trying countless templates, I decided it was time to just start from scratch to make my own portfolio website - and I was up for the challenge! I first drew my ideas on paper and then created a wireframe in Figma. After some feedback, I started coding this site with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I learned a great deal along the way, some of which I kept track of within the README in my GitHub repository. My site may be simple, but it's clean, it's happy, and it's made by me!

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Figma, Bootstrap, Git, GitHub

Authentic Grace

The goal of this project was to design and develop an MVP for Authentic Grace, a fictional brick-and-mortar clothing store in need of a website. The homepage of the website was built collaboratively by Racquel Tung and myself in response to an assigment during Cohort 4 of the Moms Can: Code School. We were given information about the client's brand and website needs, as well as a brief customer persona.

My responsibilities included leading the design and coding the top half of the page. I especially enjoyed the design process, as well as coding without a framework. I gained a greater understanding of the languages and sharpened my remote teamwork skills.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Flexbox, JavaScript, Figma, Git, GitHub, Netlify

Authentic Grace 2.0

A few features were added to the Authentic Grace storefront in this project update. I added a detailed product page (accessed by clicking the first image under "Shop Our Social Styles" on the homepage). I also created a web accessibility report based on the first version of the home page, and then updated the homepage to be more accessible.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Figma, Git, GitHub


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I'd love to hear from you!

Whether just to say hi, to tell me a dad joke, or to inquire about working together, send me a message here or check out my social media.

Massachusetts, USA